Entry #4

Patapon 3 Series! (need help)

2017-08-23 09:56:12 by DatowdaAnimates

So according to Patapon Remastered release, patapon fans are back and I just wanted to know if any of you wanted to help me make the series come true! :D

Anyone can try: from animators to voice actors.

Thank you :D

Here's the link to our discord https://discord.gg/45AcFak 


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2017-08-23 16:02:55

Well, I do play percussion -- LOTS of it -- I'll be glad to play some of the rhythms and stuff, and even say some of the lines in a.... uh... relatively cutesy voice.

It really does help that my favourite instrument is the drum, and I'd always been fascinated by Patapon and always wanted to play it, but never got the chance.

DatowdaAnimates responds:

Actually, don't think that there will be, umm... "cutesy" voices.
They will talk normally, but the other things will be just like in the game.

It will be just like one of those Story Mode games but as a cartoon series :D

(If you want to participate: animate or voice act tell me ;))


2017-08-24 07:20:01

I'm no animator; the little bit of voice acting I do seems to be either in French, or in British English. And with slight bits of Lancashire. I take it you already have the music.