Patapon 3 Series! (need help)

2017-08-23 09:56:12 by DatowdaAnimates

So according to Patapon Remastered release, patapon fans are back and I just wanted to know if any of you wanted to help me make the series come true! :D

Anyone can try: from animators to voice actors.

Thank you :D

Here's the link to our discord 

Voice Actor needed!

2017-07-08 12:22:15 by DatowdaAnimates

So, you might not know, but I'm workin' on cartoon series.

And the problem is: I don't have 1 Voice Actor (or more, I don't know)

They are usually my friends but one of them has quit cuz he was to lazy to act.

And as I can see NewGrounds has a brilliant community, I wondered if any of you wanted to Act for me.

If you want more info about the character just tell me.

Thanks! :D

I'll reply as soon as I can 

About future animations

2017-07-06 15:33:31 by DatowdaAnimates

So, I've been thinking about stuff...

and I might start doing animations about songs. (I hope you understand me :D )

The thing is, everytime I listen to any song I always think about creating animation based on this song or using this song, so yea...


That's all for today.

^See ya^ ;D

Welcome to my profile page!

This my first time on newgrounds and it looks that this community is awesome!

Like, there're so many projects(games,movies,art) :D

I hope I'll will a lot people here :3

I'll be uploading art & animations.

Maybe... maybe if I'll learn "flash language" I might also upload some games... :3